Wine Making

Cantina Casa Lucciola
La nostra piccola cantina

It took 5 years before we had a harvest that made us feel satisfied and proud of our job. The commitment to quality looks sometimes crazy. On the other hand if we don't commit ourselves and we don't succeed to the best of our possibilities, then it would have made no sense to change our path. As a result, our wine is the proof and satisfaction of having done our best, which is why we put all of ourselves and all our talent into it.

Verdicchio is the main grape of the Marche region and the Verdicchio grown in Matelica is one of its greatest expressions. Cultivation of vines is something that has existed for centuries. Means are changed nowadays, but the care you take for your plants is exactly the same. They are "'Memorie e passi d'altri ch'io calpesto" (Memories and traces of old times which I move on) 1 nota.

Tradition inspires me, even the oldest times, I like rediscovering the flavors of the past, experimenting with the potential of a territory that has always suited for viticulture.
When I started producing wine I didn't have in mind a target, a palate, something to copy to make it the same, I simply trusted to bring to the cellar what the vineyard and the season had prepared for us.
Through spontaneous fermentations, resting on the fine lees and slow aging in concrete tanks we are able to obtain the wine we like to drink.
We mainly work with the senses: the nose, the taste, the colours.
We work with the rhythms of Nature and Time, with the influence of moon on earth and with the Saints: the wine must be followed with continuous tastings to understand where it is going, especially in the first period.
Every year we look for perfect ripening and select the best bunches to give life to that magical process of transforming must into wine called fermentation.

We select the best grapes out of our four hectares to produce about 12,000 bottles: the age of the vineyards and the selection of the most beautiful grapes does not allow us to make more.

Casa Lucciola is equipped with an 11 Kw photovoltaic system which covers the energy needed over the whole production processes. To produce the least possible amount of waste, each by-product, such as pomace or pruning branches, is composted to create humus.

We will be happy to welcome you to taste our wines in our small cellar, and you might discover the secrets of the production of Verdicchio with your own eyes.

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